About Us

FHI  Concierge, takes pride in providing their clients with cost – effective lifestyle management solutions.  Exception personal concierge services are provided and arranged for our clients every day, efficiently, effectively and discretely.

Spending time with your family, friends, doing what YOU REALLY want to do, is what matters. Shave off that extra hour or two and let us be your personal shopper! How much extra time would you have? Would your life be less stressful? Life sure is good when suddenly that hard-to-find item is suddenly at your fingertips.  Wouldn’t you agree?

Bonded, licensed and insured, the Ferguson’s take their duties as your personal concierge seriously. Understanding people’s need to save time, they have developed a sensible system that is the proper fit with any area of service you require. A personal touch that you can trust.

FHI Concierge bring with them a banking and finance background, with 25 years experience as a successful home improvement contractor in the U.S. and abroad. From managing your current home improvement project while your away on business or wintering down in Florida and just need someone to look in on the place once in a while, the Ferguson’s have the ability AND experience to be your personal concierge with a touch of class. This team brings you that much needed relief from the mundane, the burden and drudgery of managing every day life events.

Rest easy, relax, have fun! That feeling of being overwhelmed
and over worked is no longer there. This is what you deserve, give us a call  today!